Artist in Residence


Artist in Residence 

Reuel Kong is a freelance drums and percussion instructor. He has been drumming for the past 13 years, beginning at the age of 12 when he picked up the drums in church.

Reuel grew up in a home where there was always music playing. He grew up to the sounds of his elder brother’s piano practice, and himself started learning to play the piano at the age of 6. He always had a rhythm playing in his head and his school teachers used to chide him for tapping his fingers aloud on the desk during class. He picked up percussion during his school days in the Victoria School Concert Band, where he was tutored by Musser Vibraphone Artist, Ng Sok Wah. Reuel is currently a percussionist with the AudioImage Wind Ensemble and plays the drums and percussion for Heartdriven, a Contemporary Christian band led by his elder brother, and has also performed with international artists such as Fantine. Reuel believes in sharing his love of music by helping others to find the musician in themselves.

Reuel was also invited to perform and organize an interactive performance and workshop at the Singapore School for the Deaf at the 2016 SENTIRE-Singapore International Festival of Music.