Project: Soundpainting is the brainchild of conductor Amos Chia as a part of a development plan to form probably the first Deaf Soundpainting Ensemble in the world. Soundpainting is a live conducted improvisation and composition technique utilized in the form of sign language by the composer or director, also known as the soundpainter. There is no required list of instruments and anyone who can play an instrument or sing can be part of a soundpainting ensemble. This ensemble is ideal as it would allow the participants to use their creativity to improvise and make music, and also allow participants to assume the leadership role of the soundpainter themselves and lead the ensemble, making music in their own unique ways. The same ensemble in Human Instrument was introduced to some simple soundpainting gestures, and also to some creative ways of making music and rhythmic sounds with drums, voice, etc. Every one of them was also given the opportunity to be the soundpainter and create their own unique performances.

The Deaf Soundpainting Ensemble performed at the inaugural Singapore Association for the Deaf gala dinner at the Marina Bay Sands, with two very talented students from the Singapore School for the Deaf sharing the podium with Amos Chia.