Introduction to Electronic Music @ SSD

Sentire Singapore invited guest artist and composer Yeo Chow Shern to present an Introduction to Electronic Music, a showcase of electronic music amplified through the use of the equipment at the multi-sensory room at the SSD. It was a unique experience palatable to the different senses as the music could be felt through the floor board, and were also reflected through a special visualizer displaying a myriad of colours.

10014593_10153955781825624_133762788_nPhoto courtesy of Janis Wong

Yeo Chow Shern Sentire Guest Artist

Melaka-born Chow Shern, Yeo (*1988) read music at the Malaysian Institute of Art, Peabody Institute of Music and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore. His principal composition teachers include Prof. Ho Chee Kong, Kevin Puts, Yuan Leow Yunn, and had worked with composers Branko Stark & Cecilia Kim in masterclasses. One of his choral works “The Sound of Portugese Malacca” has selected and recorded by Coro de Camara de Lisboa (Lisbon Chamber Choir) from Portugal in their project for the CD “Asian Music”.