Project:SENTIRE was the first special music workshop and performance dedicated to the hearing-impaired children in Singapore. The music workshop consisted of several rhythmic games and some fun music making with percussion instruments, while the performance was a special introductory to orchestra instruments and was held in the special audio-sensory room for the first time at the Singapore School for the Deaf. The sound waves of the performance was amplified via a special soundboard to deliver stronger vibrations, and was also reflected through a special visualizer displaying a myriad of colours.

I would like express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to:

  • Dr. Paul Whittaker OBE, (Director, Music and the Deaf UK), for being the ‘unofficial’ artistic advisor of this project,
  • Ernest Toh, (Administrator, Singapore School for the Deaf), and his team at the SSD for all the administrative planning, catering, interpretation and photography,
  • Yao Cong, Laurel, Wenqi, Yue Zhi, Wen Rong (Brass Quintet),
  • Gabriel, Yvonne, Si-Han, Christoven (String Quartet),
  • Janice (Woodwind Representive) for their participation pro bono and creative and amazing performances,
  • Kongmeng Liew (Workshop Leader of the Project) and Alethea (Assistant) for their participation in the music-making workshop and
  • Elise Li (Assistant Director, Administrator) for all the other help given during this project.

Official photos can be found here